a tumblr-versary giveway.

in honor of my 1 year anniversary with tumblr, i’m hosting a giveway!

the winner will receive a 1 year subscription to the magazine of their choice out of the following: fitness magazine, seventeen, harper’s bazaar, teen vogue, or marie claire. (guys: esquire or details magazine.)


1. you must be following me. obviously. and if you start following me because of this, you shall continue to follow me because you loooooove my tumblr. wink wink.

2. you must reblog this post. like = no. reblog = yes. so please don’t like this and make my life difficult.

3. you can reblog this as many times are you want. reblog your little heart out. capiche?

4. you must live in the us. sorry everyone else :(

5. you win, as stated above, a 1 year subscription to 1 of the magazines listed (fitness magazine, seventeen, harper’s bazaar, teen vogue, or marie claire, esquire or details). if you already get one of the magazines and choose that one, it will automatically add 1 more year to your subscription.

contest ends august 25th at 11:59 pm est. i will announce the winner, who will be randomly picked, august 26th via my tumblr and the winner’s ask box. so you need to have an ask box to win.

good luck lovies! send questions/comments here. and here’s to another year of me tumblin’.

xo S

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